AUDUSD The Best Ever Currency Pair to Trade

Most of the newbie traders like to trade EURUSD because of the very low spread. But for me, I really love AUDUSD. I pick this currency pair by accident when I was new because my previous broker listed the currency pair in alphabetical order. 

I tried a lot of currency pair to trade when I was new in Forex using a demo account and AUDUSD really caught my attention. It has a high spread, usually times 3 of EURUSD unless the forex broker has a fixed spread.

I have been trading this pair for more than 3 years now and I really love it. It has a consistent pattern. If you look at the graph and history of this pair you'll know what I mean. A secret that nobody tells you.

They said each currency pair have their own movements or behaviour and I believe that because after more than 3 years of trading this pair, I know when to buy or sell my position.

What's your favorite pair to trade? If you are new to forex, I will suggest you to study AUDUSD and know its behaviour.

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