How to make your trade in forex 100% accurate

Forex 100% Accurate Trade
Everybody was looking for 100% accurate trade in forex trading however till this date there is no software or robot or any person that can enter a trade and will give him 100% accuracy automatically. The main reason was due to volatility in market. But believe it or not, you can make all your trade 100% accurate and profitable.

Here's How. 
  1. When you enter the trade do not expect that you are always 100% right, that's the key secret. To be able to be successful in forex you have to potect your account in all times. Stoploss is not the best way to protect your account, but the right volume or lot size of trade that you will enter. 
  2. Trade with small lot size. How many times did you observe that your first entry of trade during the day was wrong? Did you observe the moment that when you enter buy, the market reverses the direction and is going to the side of seller? What would happen to your account if on your first trade during that day you give the highest possible lot size that you can trade? Sure thing you will wipe your account. To have a 100% profitable trade, enter small lot size, and when the market move against you, wait for another 100 pips and enter again small lot size.
  3. Budget your account balance, if you have 10,000 cents account  (also equals to $100)  and is using 4 digit broker divide it by 1000, this is to protect your account from 1000pips movement. 10,000 divided by 1000 is equals to 10. This also means that you can be wrong up to 10 times in a row when you enter a trade of 1 lot size and smaller.
  4. Be patient to wait for your profit. Market moves in waves or harmonic motion. Its going up and its going down. You have to be patient or else, you may loose all your account balance due to consecutive numbers of using stop loss.
  5. Follow the long term trend. Check the Weekly or Monthly Chart, you will notice there if the currency was going up or down. Unless there will be a recession, you should expect for at least 3000pips downward movement. But if there's none, only news and hearsay, do not trade opposite the long term trend.


  1. Nice blog post. I agree with all the points mentioned here. especially the 4th point because most traders and business persons lose their confidence after perpetual losses. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. I agree with the majority of the points in this article and it’s great without any doubt. Really a wonderful post! I like it very much. Here I find everything in details. I hope I will see this type of post again in your blog.


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